Happy New Year

 Hi friend, friend


How are you? I am hoping that you are looking forward to the New year with great enthusiasm!

(Right now, I’m sitting huddled over my laptop, within a slightly cluttered space- which I am yet to tidy before the clock strikes midnight, I am comforted by the blaring sounds coming from the neighborhood pub, across the road as they get into the new year spirit singing ‘Just like you’ From Jungle Book, I LOVE IT)

This is officially my first post YAY! So, friend I want to start off by saying for all the challenges big or small faced in 2019, I hope that it has strengthened you, allowing you to see just how much strength you really possess…whether you got through your challenge with tears, a little anger, confusion, feeling drained…you’re still here friend gracefully and I thank God, as you still being here in itself speaks volumes; you still have a story to tell as do I! Whether we like it or not we are all interdependent on each other and we need each other’s stories, gifts and talents…I have really learned that this year especially, that no matter what no man is an island


For all the accomplishments you have achieved a HUGE congratulations! No accomplishment is too small and any accomplishment a form of progress too! No despising of small beginnings, all accomplishment is great, may we be blessed with momentum within our accomplishments too!


So friend, with this New year upon us I thought I would share 4 individuals I spent most of my time listening too, consuming their knowledge and learning from. I found taking in their nuggets of wisdom and experiences grew me in 2019, I of course still have SO FAR to go and so much I would like to achieve, which I am sure is probably the case for you too!


Now I would like to start off by saying I am not the most organised person in the world but by God’s grace 2020 will be the year of an organised me LOL! But I do love learning and gaining knowledge from others, not just the gurus but friends and family too!

So here are the people I listened to the most this year and the key things that stuck with me from what they have shared (Everything I listened to was from YouTube and their material is very easy to find, simply type their names up in YouTube)



I do not know where to start with this man, he is what I feel to be a Godsend, I came across Andrew by mistake but at the same time intentionally, this is when I was wanting to understand God in more depth, and of course, there is the bible to read for that, but I really wanted to understand the love of God! I knew that God loved me (us) already but I wanted more and I was desperate and that's when I came across Andrew Wommack. I simply typed in something along the lines of ‘Understanding Gods' love’ and Andrew Wommack popped up and it was the sweetest thing I had listened to on YouTube! I was listening to someone explain the love of God our Heavenly Father in such a simple way and from then on I was hooked on his simplistic yet profound way of teaching about God the creator.  Andrew has such a phenomenal gift in sharing God's love for us in an honest non-judgemental way! I thank God for the internet and for allowing me to come across Andrew. You can check him out on YouTube or on Instagram too @andrewwommack is his Instagram handle

3 of the greatest things I’ve learned

  1. God loves ME and YOU! And there is nothing that can be done about it, as soon as we have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour that’s it, every single thing we do from then on; doesn’t take away nor can solidify our salvation, it is not by actions that we are saved but merely by grace, God isn’t surprised by our mistakes, it doesn’t affect the way God loves us either, it does, however, affect us, but I’ll leave that for you to have a listen to on one of his teachings which you will find if typing Gods love Andrew Wommack in the YouTube search bar
  2. We have the power and we can speak to the situation; WE SPEAK TO SITUATIONS, I learned there is a difference in talking to God about a situation ad speaking to a situation with the power that God has instilled in us. As we grow in Faith (or spend more time with God) our audacity to speak to situations through faith should grow, faith too is like a muscle, I am really learning about this one and pray to grow in faith continuously
  3. The word of God is a mirror of the real us and who God says we are! Faith is a positive response to believing what God has already provided by grace. It’s not by our performance or what we do that makes us perfect! The word of God is a true image of who we are. We have a perfect ‘everything’ in spirit the minute we become born again, it doesn’t mean it changes our physical reality until we believe it, until we believe the spirit more than what we see in the physical realm EVERYTHING IN OUR SPIRIT REALM IS PERFECT!



I first came across Bob on the docu film ‘The Secret’ some years ago (you can watch the Secret on YouTube or order the book, it’s quite insightful) and I believe has a whole lot of biblical principles within it too!

Bob has been all about personal development and unleashing our gifts , he has worked within the personal development field for the past 57 years and really knows his stuff, during his earlier career he has worked within the presence of the greats such as the late Earl Nightingale (I love his teachings too- please check out the strangest Secret on YouTube)

3 of the greatest things I’ve learned from Bob Proctor

  • Paradigm shifts ( a paradigm is a habit or a way of life that controls the way in which we live) taking in the new way we would like to live, though learning continuously and repetitively is the way in which we get rid of the habits that don’t serve us as well and well as key to adopting new habits that do serve us! Your paradigm either helps you get there or not get there- This is how Bob describes it; A paradigm is a collection of thoughts, behaviors and perceptions that dictate your feelings, actions and results. My main aim was to really take a look at some of my paradigms, some of which I didn’t even question because subconsciously they had been programmed from young. We tend to most times adopt paradigms from our upbringing, my focus was to shift some of them and adapt new ones to serve me better so I could become better! (I’m still working on this)
  • Applying the teachings of that within the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is still very much relevant to us now. I sat down and carried out the suggestions within the book, (I mean I still haven’t read it fully) but I did write out the 13 principals advised within the book. I know I have not carried out the tasks suggested in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ as effectively as I could or should but, I am very grateful for the way in which it has served me thus far!
  • To really dig deep into looking at ‘What do I really love doing’ This, I know may sound basic, but it was a great way of stripping back to the simple things of what I love and constantly checking in with myself as we evolve. Nothing of which one loves doing is menial, nothing is too small to love and what we love doing oftentimes just by us loving it can in some way be of service to others too! WHAT DO I REALLY LOVE DOING? That is the question for it is a clue to the bigger picture and often time leads us further into places where we can be of service with what we love to do. Bob went on to say that; it may be hard in the beginning to come up with what we really love as we may not ask ourselves that question, but he said to press on and keep writing answers even if it takes a while before you feel the ‘Ah-ha!’ moment….press on!


The other amazing individuals that I take in an enjoy listening and learning from would be Gary Vee, Ed Mylett, Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins (although this year I haven’t taken in as much as Tony as I used to – I absolutely still love him); these individuals are what I like to call my practical guys! They give solid advice, Gary is an absolute genius when it comes to executing and giving practical advice on how to grow business as well as sharing his mantra of having empathy, kindness and truly putting your audience and those that invest time in you or your business, first, as in really caring about what their needs are, which is complete truth in itself. For those in business or wanting to start, I have found these individuals great to follow on social media.



So since yesterday I have been looking for a great daily planner to really help me with the planning for the new year and throughout it. My organisational skills for 2019 was not the best! This year though I refuse to let that be the case, I found that in the areas of life, where I did try to be more organized and set plans, there was progress and a huge difference to when I did not set plans!

About an hour ago I ordered a planner called The Makers Year Book. Previously I have gotten planners from the well-known places such as; WHSmith, WILKINSONS, PAPER CHASE and about 2 years ago from Kikk.k but as the years went by my usage of the daily planners dwindled somewhat. I found myself doing my daily planning on my phone as well as writing the tasks for the following day on any piece of paper I could find (and I wouldn’t always meet all the goals) what I do find helpful is monitoring how long I spend on a task and allocating the amount of time I would like to spend on it.

Another planner that I was close to getting was one from CDG London it was between this planner and The Makers Yearbook planner that I was deciding on, but when I looked at the content of the pages within each planner, The Makers Year Book Planner won for me and was a lot more suited for my planning needs although CDG Planner is A LOT MORE aesthetically pleasing BY FAR!

You can check both planners out via




So, there you have it friend, friend a little bit of sharing my favorite individuals to learn from and a new daily planner on its way to help achieve goals as well as stay organized!


The New year is almost upon us!!!! May enjoy this blessing of life and may we blossom and progress more in love, our abilities and more


With Love


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