A Planner to help plan the year

Heeey friend

How is it going with your January so far!

I’ve spent most of mine, settling back into things and “planning” for the business which has taken a little longer than I anticipated, however “planning” up to a certain extent is necessary for running a small business!

So to help me stay on top of things, last week I got something that I am extremely excited about and (drum rooooll) I purchased a yearly planner!

You may be wondering why the excitement…well, I am someone who tends to invest in a yearly planner yearly (no pun intended) and I’ve experienced all sorts of planners in regards to content, style and price and whilst I have always been very thorough and selective in choosing a planner I found that for the past 2 years I had not really been using one as much as I needed to and scheduling everything on my phone was good but didn’t cut it.

So this year I decided I wanted to be A LOT more organized and taking a  lot of effort all now (they say it takes 30 days to develop a habit so I’m here going for it) I am a sporadic worker.

So, after searching online for a planner (it was a thorough search) I came across a planner called the Maker’s YearBook and where do I start


Friend if you are looking for a planner and you don’t have one yet, you are a small business owner especially doing e-commerce or have an Etsy store then this is for you! So far I think this planner has been amazing! It hasn’t been a full week and yet I feel there has been a little more organization to the way in which I get things done (and you want to be super organized) meet your goals AND you have a business or starting one then this is for you!


This is the first time in which I have been forced to really look at the year ahead as well as really get to planning every day of the week, looking at what the main goal is and then breaking it down! SO FAR so GREAT!

My actually writing this blog post is due to having written it down as 1 of the 3 tasks I wanted to get done. Within the planner, there is a section that gets you planning 52 topics for 52 different blog posts (but divided into 9 sections to make sure that a variety of topics are being covered). I would not have done that myself and if being honest had to get myself in the right mind frame to plan


I am hoping to keep this same energy and keep the blog posts coming!

So here are the details where you can check out the Makers year planner (this is not sponsored in any way)


you can also find the Makers yearbook on Instagram (which is how I came across it too)


If you have a yearbook that you use and love please do share and also if you do end up getting the Makers yearbook to let me know what you think of it!


Keep going friend, Lots of love