The Story

Here at Love Sanctuary, we are a bit of a family affair!

We believe that words create our world, that with the right words sowed into our minds and planted into our hearts we reap the enriching benefits of it.

We believe in the power of heart felt, faith filled words- in speaking words of love, kindness and edification unto others and ourselves; that indeed kind words are like honey- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

We believe we can all be the bearer of good news with great things to tell each other…

We believe there is a beauty and power we all possess; in that we are able to speak life and love into situations, environments and ultimately ourselves and each other.

This is where My Love Sanctuary comes in; through words and designs- through the pieces,; be it out Throw Cushions or T-shirts, our aim is to play a part in transforming ourselves to being better by the renewal of mind, by taking in things that will and can build us up.

We believe that true transformation to being our better selves comes by the constant renewal of the mind through the word of God and although everything here may not be scripture, we as individuals are inspired by the word to live and love better, so therefore what we produce is positive, fun upbeat and of course made with love and care! Yeah!!

So, we will round up by saying – from the bottom of our hearts, we hope and pray that you find beauty in the words presented to you on your Love Sanctuary belonging, we hope it imparts a bit of (OR A LOT OF) love for you to cherish within your heart.

We hope it plays a part in infusing warmth and peace into whatever environment it is placed in, that it serves as a reminder of love especially when most needed. We hope that it touches you emotionally, that it plays a part in inspiring the greatness within you to shine brighter and push harder to reach your better and best self

We hope (and can only be but truly honored and humbled) that your Love sanctuary gift from someone or to yourself, is able to play a part in bringing joy your way!


Lots of love; The Love Sanctuary Gang


Create an environment that you are joyful to be in!


Joy begins on the inside and our thoughts are shaped by what we take in!

So we thought we would use one of our favourite accessories to help ourselves and others by getting us to meditate on things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy through our Cushions and T-Shirts (for the most part we love to have a message, scripture, quote, name or anything else that makes it personal and edifying placed on your Love sanctuary belonging)


We love coming up with fun ways to get the word, positive messages of love and or inspirations within our surroundings, where we can meditate on and take in daily all the while being transformed to our better and best selves.

To me this cushion is more than just an object that sits in my office. For me this represents something that reminds me of the dreams, goals and desires I have for my company.

As a business owner you spend a lot of time on your own, so sometimes maintaining belief & motivation can be challenging. Every time I look at my cushion I'm reminded of the passion and desire I have to reach my business goals everyday.

— Plan B Visuals